Gamepad ReDragon - Harrow wireless (PC, PSP3, PS3, XBOX 360)

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59,00 KM

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Wireless gamepad for PC / PS : Freedom of movement that allows complete immersement into the gaming process Xinput games support : Latest PC games use Xinput as an API (which is not supported by the most old models of gamepads). This gamepad is ready to work with any game for Win 7/8/10 right out of package Vibration feedback : Makes collisions more realistic (if the game supports vibration feedback of game controller) Extremely durable rubberized coating «Soft touch» : Special non-slip coating is pleasant to the touch and ensures firm grip 8-way D-pad: Two analog joysticks: Two mini joysticks allow you to play more games, such as football simulators. Built-in rechargeable battery. 7 m operating range 12 buttons